How to get to the Ratchada Train Night Market (New Rot Fai Market)

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The New Train Market (New Rot Fai Market) in Ratchada is getting more and more popular. Let’s check more in details how to get there and what you can expect from it.

The Old Market in Srinakarin

When people are referring to the Rot Fai Market, it can be confusing as there are two. The first one is in Srinakarin, quite far away in the east of Bangkok. The market was located next to train tracks before a small adjustment and is still opening every weeks from thursdays to sundays at night. It’s quite complicated to get there as you will need to take a cab from On Nut or Udom Suk.

Because of the success of this market, they opened the New Rot Fai Market in Ratchada. Smaller, but still very lively, and definitely more convenient to get there.

The New Rot Fai Market in Ratchada

Bringing the same kind of atmosphere of night market near the MRT, the Ratchada Train Market is definitely something you can do if you spend a few days in Bangkok. Even if smaller compare to Srinakarin, the location makes it a nice place to visit.

There you will find hundreds of small stands selling street food, cheap clothes, some weird shops (antiques, tattoo shop, anything) or bars. The atmosphere is very nice and lively and you will definitely have a good time there. A lot of thais come as a group and share food over seafood barbecues or pot (thai suki).

How to get to the New Rot Fai Market ?

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The easiest way to get there is the MRT. The market is walking distance from the Thailand Cultural Center MRT. It’s open from thursday to sunday, from 5pm.

Quite easy to access, once at the MRT station, you can follow the crowd or ask, you won’t be lost.

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