Thip Samai, the best pad thai in Bangkok ?

thip samai bangkok pad thai

When talking about pad thai, you’re talking about something serious that needs to be searched methodically. But when talking about finding the best pad thai in Bangkok, a lot of thai would mention one address : Thip Samai. While pad thai is mostly eaten outside as street food, this one is a (pretty big) restaurant completely dedicated to the sake of pad thai.

thip samai bangkok best pad thai

Thip Samai (also called Pad Thai Pratu Pi) is probably the most famous pad thai restaurant in Bangkok and will likely occur in the conversation while talking with thai people or people living in Bangkok for a long time. And for a reason : Thip Samai is established for over 50 years and remain dedicated to serve a very very good pad thai !
When reaching Thip Samai, you’ll immediately see the crowd surrounding the restaurant. People are queuing long time to get access to the place and you’ll more likely have to do the same to taste what is supposed to be the best pad thai in Bangkok.

Does Thip Samai worth it ?

I’d say the experience is something to see, to live and to taste. The show outside is pretty awesome. All the staff is executing perfectly its role, some are chopping the prawns, cooking noodles or even set the thin omelette that surrounds your noodles. It’s almost an artistic performance.
But to be honest, the pad thai was very good but not miles away for other i’ve tested before. It’s definitely a perfect place to eat, but I wouldn’t travel miles to eat this “best pad thai in Bangkok”.

Which Pad thai should you eat ?

The menu is pretty straight forward. Avoid the crab or the big prawns which are too expensive. Focus on the Superb Pad thai with omelette and normal shrimps for less than 100thb. You’ll be perfect with that.

How to get there ?

Thip Samai is quite near the Wat Saket (Golden Mount). You can easily visit this temple during the afternoon and treat yourself with some pad thai afterwards.
Address : Thip Samai 313-315 Maha Chai Rd, Khwaeng Samran Rat, Khet Phra Nakhon, Bangkok 10200


thip samai pad thai bangkok


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