How to rent an apartment or condo in Bangkok ?

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If you intend to settle in Bangkok, you’ll quickly need your own apartment. Better and cheaper than hotel. You’ll see that it’s usually pretty easy to find one but you need to know the common rules and uses.

1 year lease : the usual in Bangkok

Most of the leases you’ll find are for 1 full year. It can happen that the landlord will agree a shorter term, but it’s not the norm.
Leases are set up for 1 year and are renegociated every year for a similar length.

How much will it cost ?

Unlike many cities in the world, in Bangkok, many elements are taken in consideration to set a price. The size is the main one but not the only one, far from it. The area, proximity to a BTS station, age of the condo, facilities, floor, etc can change a price enormously.
Therefore it’s hard to give a price. In the Sukhumvit area, you can find a decent condo for 20.000thb if you live alone. Expect to pay around 30.000thb if you’re 2, but prices can vary a lot depending on your requests.

Set up a Line account

Most agents will answer phone calls, emails are much more random. It’ll get easier if you can have a first call with them and then discuss via Line.
You can add them with their phone number.

What to check when you visit ?

Take some time to discover the neighborhood.
Ask about the electricity price, check the facilities.
Walk from the bts to the condo and check for the nearest 7eleven.

What are the elements requested to rent ?

Usually, there’s nothing, that’s the good part. You are not required to have a job, or a long term visa.
You need to pay a deposit (usually 2 months of rent) + the 1st rent upfront. You get your deposit back when you leave the apartment.

What happens if I need to leave before the end of the lease ?

If you need to leave your condo before the end of the lease, you’ll lose your deposit. The only way to get it back is to find someone to take over your lease. You’ll find plenty on Facebook expat groups.

Shorter terms alternatives

If you really need to rent for less than 6 months, serviced appartments can be a better solution.
You can find plenty of offers here.

Find your condo in Bangkok

There are many sites that are regrouping condo, townhouse or other offers. You can also check on websites from agencies. But here are the one that have been the most useful to me :

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