Explore 9 Stunning Free Check-In in Bangkok

Bangkok may not possess as many renowned photo spots as Kyoto or Rome, but the capital of the Land of the Golden Temples boasts its own unique beauty. It’s a city blending classical and modern elements, offering a myriad of picturesque corners amidst its bustling urban landscape. Make sure to save this for future reference!

1. The Bangkok Art and Culture Center (BACC)

This is an intriguing destination for art lovers and culture enthusiasts alike. The BACC features various exhibition spaces showcasing works from artists worldwide, with diverse themes and innovative expressions. Each floor also hosts souvenir shops, light eateries, art books, and musical instruments.

Step inside, and you’ll find a space brimming with light, designed sleekly and elegantly, ensuring you won’t miss any corner, as everything is just perfect for a great shot!

Address: 939 Rama I Road, Wangmai, Bangkok 10330, Thailand (opposite MBK Center)

Opening hours: 10 am – 9 pm Note: Bags must be deposited before entering the exhibition space.

2. Siam Square Area

Siam Square is an entertainment and shopping hub in the Pathum Wan district of Bangkok, Thailand. It connects to other crucial shopping centers and districts in Bangkok through intersecting overpass bridges, making it a central point for anyone visiting Thailand.

Address: 10110 Dhaka, Pathum Wan, Bangkok.

Transport: As it’s a central area, you can reach here by taxi, tuk-tuk, or the sky train.

3. Bangkok Sky Train (BTS)

When one thinks of Thailand, the image of congested traffic and long lines of cars during rush hours often comes to mind. Opting for the Bangkok Sky Train (BTS) is an efficient way to save time and transportation costs during your journey!

Just seize a few minutes while waiting for the train, and you’ll find numerous beautiful spots to capture! Look for areas adorned with Thai-language signs or unique clock installations near the escalators to imprint Thailand’s essence in your frame.

4. Chinatown

Bangkok’s Chinatown is currently the largest Chinese community in the world. Here, they’ve built many structures, shrines, temples, hotels, and notably, numerous businesses, which is a hallmark of the Chinese people.

Similar to other Chinese-inhabited streets, it’s always bustling, especially the bright lights from the prominent Chinese signage at night, leaving a strong impression on anyone visiting. So, make sure to capture these distinctive marks in your travel photos to share with friends.

Address: Yaowarat Road, Bangkok, Thailand.

Transport: By taxi or tuk-tuk, or if you prefer, take the MRT to Hua Lamphong for a quicker and cheaper option.

5. Asiatique The Riverfront

Asiatique successfully combines Bangkok’s two most popular shopping styles: a night market and a bazaar street. A ten-minute journey from BTS Saphan Taksin leads you to this international trading spot housing over 1500 clothing stores and 40 restaurants in a colossal complex. The areas here are divided into zones like Factory for shopping, Waterfront for riverside dining, Down Square with Thai-European fusion style bars, and Chareonkrung for various retail outlets.

Especially noteworthy is the Asiatique Sky, a nearly 70-meter high Ferris wheel. This spot is extremely convenient for capturing picturesque scenes with bronze statues, unique art structures, or fascinating architectural styles along the shopping complex’s perimeter.

Address: Charoenkrung Soi 72-76, Charoenkrung Rd, Wat Phrayakrai District, Bangkok 10120

Opening hours: From 5 pm to midnight

Transportation: From BTS Saphan Taksin Station Exit 2, take the free shuttle boat to Asiatique. The boat operates from around 4:30 pm to 11:30 pm.

6. Erawan Shrine

Situated in the bustling Pathum Wan district, near Siam Paragon and Central World in Bangkok, the Erawan Shrine (or San Phra Phrom) is known as one of the city’s most sacred shrines and a popular spot for tourists.

This small shrine amidst Siam’s heart is one of the most famous and photographed places. Regardless of the time you visit, the shrine is always adorned with flowers, incense, and worshippers. If you’re fortunate, you might witness traditional Thai dances. According to tradition, if wishes come true, the devotees must return and perform a traditional dance.

Address: Grand Hyatt Erawan Bangkok, Lumphini, Pathum Wan, Bangkok

Directions: BTS Chitlom

7. Damnoen Saduak Floating Market Bangkok

One of the most impressive and preferred check-in spots in Bangkok for many tourists is the Damnoen Saduak Floating Market, situated within the intricate network of the capital’s canals. It’s a lively market on the water with a long history and a variety of goods.

Here, you can freely shop and explore unique and delicious items right on the small boats. Don’t forget to capture high-quality photos against the colorful boat backdrop.

8. Bangkok Royal Palace

This is a must-visit Bangkok tourist spot, offering a glimpse into the royal palace complex. It encompasses various architectural structures, a blend of Chinese, French, Italian, and ancient Thai designs that will astonish you with their uniqueness, grandeur, and regal nature.

Not merely a sightseeing spot, this is where significant royal ceremonies and events take place regularly.

9. Maeklong Railway Market

A highly popular sightseeing and photo opportunity you shouldn’t miss is a unique market operating along a train track, located at the end station of the Maeklong railway. When the train approaches, you’ll witness the bustling activity of vendors clearing the way for the train to pass.

With a speed of only 30 km/h, this is the slowest railway track in the world. You’ll capture exceptional frames while standing amidst the market as the train arrives. Although the train moves slowly, caution is essential due to potential dangers.

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