Top 9 Eco-Friendly Hotels Committed to Sustainability in Bangkok

Energy efficiency is as important as good room service and fine dining when it comes to the 21st-century hotel experience. Check out these top ecofriendly stays in Thailand’s capital city of Bangkok, bookable with Culture Trip.

The trend of sustainability and eco-consciousness has shifted from a passing craze to a full-on global movement. Travelers are increasingly in search of green-focused accommodations to ensure their personal commitments to living more sustainably are reflected by their travel choices. And when it comes to these nine sustainable stays in eco hotels in Bangkok, the choice is yours.

1 – Bangkok Tree House

As a natural eco-resort in Bang Krachao, Bangkok Tree House is situated on a small island near the Chao Phraya River flowing into the Gulf of Thailand. Due to its location in a completely natural area secluded from the outside, reaching here is only possible by walking, cycling, or by boat. Despite the slightly challenging commute, this luxurious hotel with breathtaking views surely won’t disappoint visitors.

Constructed mainly using bamboo and metal materials, the accommodations at Bangkok Tree House are called “nests” as they are elevated with unique wooden floor structures. Here, guests live amidst an eco-friendly, natural environment, enjoying panoramic views of the city from above at night or witnessing the picturesque riverside scene under the morning sunlight, providing a memorable experience.

2 – Ban Suan Chantita

It’s intriguing that just about a 2-hour drive from Bangkok, there’s a hotel deeply nestled in the forest with an extremely attractive design. Built with natural materials, the rooms here are contemporary and sturdy while maintaining a strong connection with nature, offering guests the sound of birds singing throughout the day.

3 – Layana Resort & Spa

Stretching long, serene beaches on Koh Lanta paint a captivating picture of a tropical paradise that instantly captivates any visitor. What’s interesting is that Koh Lanta remains relatively unspoiled.

The 5-star Layana Resort & Spa is an ideal destination for those seeking seclusion, individuals passionate about the hidden treasures of the ancient forest.

4 – Four Seasons Tented Camp Golden Triangle

Nestled amid dense forests where the Mekong River flows and adjacent to the borders of Thailand, Laos, and Myanmar, the Four Seasons Tented Camp Golden Triangle is a luxurious hotel seamlessly integrated with nature, featuring treehouses and stylish tents blending harmoniously with the natural surroundings, creating a profoundly beautiful setting.

Despite being in a somewhat remote area, guests here are provided with modern amenities and conveniences. The meticulously designed rooms offer wireless internet services, ensuring guests are updated. Moreover, the hotel provides various support services like transportation, spa, restaurants, guaranteeing satisfaction and convenience for all guests at Four Seasons Tented Camp Golden Triangle.

5 – Six Senses Yao Noi

Six Senses Yao Noi is a 5-star hotel located on an island in Phang Nga Bay, between the cities of Phuket and Krabi – a destination accessible only by boat. All 56 villas at the hotel are nestled within the forest.

Each villa features a private pool with expansive views of the deep blue sea and majestic mountain ranges. Visitors will find it hard to describe such a breathtaking scene!

The lush greenery of the trees brings guests closer to nature during their stay. Visitors can also dine in pavilions surrounded by numerous coconut trees with glass floors for a convenient view of the blue sea below.

6 – Keemala

Situated amidst lush greenery atop a hill, Keemala is a chain of eco-resorts overlooking Kamala Village and the stunning Andaman Sea. With incredibly creative and unique designs, the accommodations here are shaped like bird’s nests, spread across multiple levels to create private resting spaces with magnificent views.

Additionally, Keemala is equipped with high-end interior and exterior amenities for guests. More notably, there are rooms with a floating pool above, ensuring an exceptionally memorable and indelible experience of a trip to Thailand.

7 – Rayavadee Hotel

Located near Krabi National Park, the Rayavadee hotel boasts 98 large villas and 4 pavilions. The hotel’s exceptional restaurant is nestled in a cave overlooking the azure sea.

This ultra-luxurious hotel features a large pool area surrounded by palm forests, tropical gardens, and coconut groves. The beach near the Rayavadee hotel, accessible only by boat, offers picturesque scenery.

8 – The Giant

A splendid design with a spacious, airy café suspended amidst the canopy, and underneath, at the base of a giant tree, a cool, tranquil hotel. Spending days in such a hotel, who wouldn’t fall in love?

9 – Hin Tok River Camp – Hell Fire Pass Hotel

This hotel is located near the Kwai River area, home to one of the most fascinating trekking routes in the world. Hin Tok River Camp – Hell Fire Pass Hotel is a collection of charming and romantic tents surrounded by greenery, creating an incredibly relaxing resting space.

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