Unlocking Bangkok’s Charm: 5 Unmissable Experiences

Unique Experiences Only Found in Bangkok

Thailand is a name that cannot be overlooked when discussing international travel for Vietnamese tourists. This country is dubbed the “travel paradise,” “land of golden temples,” “shopping paradise,” and more.

Visiting the capital, Bangkok, you’ll discover stunning landscapes, magnificent temple complexes, vibrant entertainment districts, and unique festivals or opportunities for bargain shopping. However, you shouldn’t miss out on these “unusual” experiences below.

1. Enjoying Coffee with Animals

For animal lovers, especially those fond of cats and dogs, this experience should not be missed while staying in Bangkok. There are numerous coffee shops around the capital, some notable ones being Caturday Cat Café, Purr Cat, True Love Café…

At these cafes, you can savor a cup of coffee or tea with delicious pastries in a serene setting while freely playing with chubby cats or playful and adorable dogs.

Moreover, visitors can take photos with these cats and dogs without any additional fees. However, the use of flash photography is not allowed as it can be harmful to their health.

2. Visiting Bangkok’s Airplane Graveyard

Named after King Ram Khamhaeng, the eastern suburban area of Ramkhamhaeng in Bangkok is home to one of the most unusual tourist spots in the city, the Airplane Graveyard. This place houses old, discarded airplanes that are no longer in use, left abandoned in this vacant area.

The Airplane Graveyard is among the most unique destinations in the capital. Here, you’ll find the remains of aircraft, graffiti, and small parts that once made up the interior of these non-operational planes. The site includes the remains of a Boeing 747 and McDonnell Douglas MD-82.

Situated in a vast grass field near Ramkhamaeng Road, this graveyard of planes raises the mystery of how these aircraft ended up there unanswered.

The entire experience is truly exhilarating—jumping on and off airplane wings, sitting in vandalized cockpits, climbing atop smaller planes, all of which you’d never know about without visiting the Airplane Graveyard. It’s advised to wear sneakers to protect your feet as you may encounter sharp debris under the plane floors.

It’s recommended to visit in the late morning or late afternoon when the lighting is most favorable. You need not worry about crowds as this place isn’t widely known, and the experience is undoubtedly more thrilling than conventional, mundane sightseeing tours.

3. Dining in the Dark

Switching off the lights and engaging the senses is one of the most intriguing experiences at Dine in the Dark. With the assistance of visually impaired guides at the restaurant, guests embark on one of the most memorable culinary adventures when in Bangkok.

Dine in the Dark is a novel concept originating from the Sheraton Grande Sukhumvit Hotel in Thailand. It’s an experience of dining solely through touch, feel, and smell.

Guests can choose from various cuisines like vegetarian, Asian, Western… After removing potential disruptions like mobile phones, diners are led into a pitch-dark room to start the experience.

This unique dining experience is available from 6:30 pm to late evening, Tuesday through Saturday.

4. Exploring the Forensic Museum

Siriraj Hospital is one of Bangkok’s most prestigious hospitals. Its fame extends to another aspect, namely, the hospital’s forensic museum, a chilling small room. Among the 6 small museums here, the most fascinating ones are the criminal museum and the anatomical museum.

Siriraj Medical Museum, also known as the Forensic Museum, is not for the faint-hearted. The museum is divided into 6 different zones, predominantly displaying highly sensitive images like deformities in children, human body parts…

Here, visitors can encounter Si Oui, more accurately his mummified remains. This serial killer had a gruesome habit of consuming his victims’ livers. Now, he stands forever in a glass cage with a challenging demeanor. The remains of several other criminals, suicides, accident victims, and terrifying murder cases are also exhibited here. Additionally, there are photographs depicting the aftermath of accidents.

At the anatomical museum, visitors can see preserved limbs, internal organs, and body parts of deformed individuals. And if that’s not eerie enough, guests can visit the parasite museum, which is quite intriguing, suitable only for the very courageous. Siriraj Museum is open to visitors free of charge from 9 am to 4 pm, Monday to Saturday.

5. Dining at the Condom-Themed Restaurant

Cabbages & Condoms is one of the most unique restaurants in Bangkok. The restaurant’s idea is to promote better family planning and acceptance. The interior of the restaurant draws inspiration from these highly effective birth control measures.

Cabbages and Condoms is a renowned restaurant in Bangkok, Thailand. What impresses diners the most is that men receive a complimentary vasectomy consultation from the clinic adjacent to the restaurant.

Furthermore, all diners receive condoms after their meal or coffee instead of the usual mint candies. It’s the only restaurant in the world that emphasizes birth control for its customers.

Apart from the fascinating theme, the food at Cabbages & Condoms is also delicious. This is a restaurant that guests should definitely visit when in the capital of Thailand.

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