8 Exquisite Thai Desserts You Must Try

Not only attracting tourists with beautiful landscapes, the land of the Golden Temple also leaves one yearning and reminiscing about the exquisite and delectable Thai desserts, unforgettable after just one taste.

1. Famous Mango Sticky Rice Dessert in Thailand

For those fond of tropical fruits, a trip to Thailand must include tasting mango sticky rice. The seemingly simple combination of ripe mangoes and sticky rice has become a renowned dessert of the Golden Temple. The sweetness of ripe mangoes, the chewy texture of sticky rice, paired with coconut milk, creates a magical fusion. You can easily find this dessert in both upscale restaurants and street stalls.

2. Tasty and Eye-Catching Mung Bean Cakes

Along the night streets of Thailand, you’ll spot various vendors selling a variety of cakes, including some shaped like real fruits. A visually appealing and tasty cake is known as ‘luk chup’ (mung bean cakes).

Made from mung bean flour, the cake’s colorful outer layer is meticulously crafted to resemble different fruits. Standing in front of these cake stalls might make you feel like you’re in a tropical fruit market.

3. Refreshing Thai Coconut Ice Cream

On scorching days, nothing beats indulging in cool Thai coconut ice cream. Thais have a deep affection for their native coconuts, cleverly using hollow coconut shells to serve their ice cream. To enhance the flavor, they add corn, peanuts, coconut jelly, fruit syrup, etc. This delightful combination further elevates Thailand’s delectable dessert culture.

4. Fragrant Sticky Rice and Coconut Cream Dessert

Thailand boasts many delightful dessert soups, and one worth mentioning is the fragrant sticky rice and coconut cream dessert called ‘Palkim Kai Tow’. The sweetness of the dessert combined with the chewy rice strands and savory coconut cream will leave you enchanted. Enjoying a bowl of this dessert on an afternoon stroll will be a delightful experience.

5. Unique Thai Pumpkin Jelly Cake

If you have a penchant for cakes, don’t miss out on the unique Thai pumpkin jelly cake. Essentially, it’s a steamed ripe pumpkin filled with coconut custard. This is a dessert highly favored by locals, addictive in nature. On your first taste, you’ll realize it’s not overly sweet or cloying. Whether you have one piece or several, savoring this cake while wandering and admiring the scenery is an absolute delight.

6. Crispy Thai-Style Crepes

Thai cuisine is always trending, diverse, and rich. Unlike European-style crepes, Thai crepes are crispy and possess a distinct flavor. A fascinating street food, the deliciousness of Thai crepes is best experienced when freshly made. The crepe is filled with meringue (beaten egg whites with sugar) and finely chopped egg yolk, then folded and grilled until crispy. The crispy texture, packed with delightful flavors, will leave you longing for more, making you yearn to visit the land of the Golden Temple repeatedly.

7. Thai-Style Baked Coconut Cakes

One of the sweet treats you should try when in Thailand is the Thai-style baked coconut cakes. Made from rice flour, coconut milk, poured into molds, and baked on charcoal stoves, the delicate combination of these ingredients creates a deliciously aromatic cake. Topped with corn and scallions, it’s a visually pleasing treat. Along the streets of the capital Bangkok, you’ll easily find stalls selling these Thai-style baked coconut cakes.

8. Popular Thai Jello

Thai Jello is a beloved jelly dessert in the land of the Golden Temple. You can easily enjoy this Thai dessert on any street, especially during the summer. Sliced Thai Jello served with distinct toppings like pandan leaves, coconut milk, etc., presents a unique flavor. When visiting Thailand, don’t miss the opportunity to savor this famous jelly dessert.

Come to this unique culinary paradise and relish the top 8 famous Thai desserts mentioned above. The delicious and distinctive flavors of the land of the Golden Temple will leave you mesmerized after your first taste.

Source: Compiled from the Internet.

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