Perfect Itinerary: Explore Bangkok in 3 Days

Bangkok – a famous destination closely associated with the title ‘land of golden temples.’ This place boasts unique, grand temples intertwined with Thailand’s civilization and historical development. Surely, upon setting foot in this vast land, you’ll be quite undecided about choosing the truly interesting spots. In this article, let’s explore with Admin: Three Days in Bangkok – What to Do?

1. Outstanding and Attractive Tourist Destinations in Bangkok

Thailand is renowned for its numerous exceptional tourist spots, diverse and appealing culinary scene that captivates visitors. If you have the chance to spend three days in Bangkok, it’s best to plan a detailed itinerary to not miss out on anything intriguing here.

2. Places to Visit and Entertainment in Bangkok

The Royal Palace of Thailand

This is the residence and administrative center of the Thai Royal Family. Although built since 1782, the palace still retains its splendid, exquisite architecture. Its grandeur will undoubtedly leave an unforgettable impression on tourists.

The Temple of the Emerald Buddha

This place houses the Emerald Buddha, a statue made from a single block of jade, considered a national symbol representing Thailand’s sanctity. Here, visitors witness religious rituals and attend ceremonies at the temple.

Erawan Shrine

Built in 1956, the shrine’s most striking feature is the four-faced Brahma statue symbolizing compassion, intelligence, loving-kindness, and education. Besides admiring the temple’s architecture, visitors can also visit the famous adjacent swimming pool filled with many Koi fish. Visitors often buy food from the temple to feed the fish, believing it brings luck and happiness.

Khao San Road

A lively street that pulsates with vibrant life can only be Khao San Road. It’s a popular destination for young people and backpackers seeking fun, inexpensive shopping, savoring street food, and experiencing the bustling nightlife that distinctly represents Thailand.

Asiatique The Riverfront

Asiatique The Riverfront is a renowned entertainment complex in Bangkok, Thailand. It’s a popular destination for both tourists and locals, offering various entertainment activities, shopping, and sightseeing. Here, visitors can easily enjoy special dishes in a lively environment.

Maeklong Railway Market

A very popular check-in location among foreign tourists visiting Thailand is the Maeklong Railway Market. This small market sits alongside the railway track, selling various goods. The Maeklong Railway Market has stalls offering all kinds of products, from food, fruits, electronics, clothes to other items. Visitors can also enjoy traditional street food and buy local specialties.

3. Exploring Culinary Delights during a Three-Day Bangkok Trip

Or Tor Kor Market

The market is known for a range of fresh, delicious agricultural products, fruits, vegetables, and high-quality seafood. Apart from shopping, visitors can relish street food and Thai specialties at the market. There are many stalls and eateries serving delicious meals.


Saawaan is a high-end culinary restaurant in Bangkok, Thailand. The restaurant is famous for its modern and innovative culinary style, combining traditional and contemporary elements of Thai cuisine. Saawaan focuses on creating revolutionary and creative dishes by blending traditional ingredients and contemporary cooking techniques. The restaurant utilizes fresh and local ingredients to craft unique and impressive dishes.

4. Things to Note When Traveling to Bangkok

Visa and Passport

Make sure you have a valid passport and check visa requirements before traveling to Bangkok. Depending on your nationality, you may need to apply for a visa in advance or be eligible for a visa waiver.


Bangkok has a hot and humid climate year-round. Prepare lightweight clothing, thin shirts, hats, sunscreen, and sufficient water to avoid sunburn and dehydration.

Security and Safety

Like any major city, be cautious with your personal belongings and avoid dangerous areas at night. Keep your mobile phone, wallet, and other valuables tidy and always pay attention to your surroundings.

Clothing for Visiting Temples

When visiting temples and religious sites, wear conservative clothing and respect the rituals. Avoid wearing short sleeves, short skirts, or revealing outfits, and remember to keep quiet and avoid taking photos in strict areas.


The main currency unit in Thailand is the Baht. Carry cash or use widely accepted credit cards/international payment methods. Also, check the exchange rates and your bank’s transaction fees before using a credit card.

Local Culture

Respect the local culture and customs of Thailand. Show respect and friendliness to the locals and avoid behaviors that may offend the culture.

Bangkok is the capital of Thailand with many famous tourist destinations, attracting many tourists from both within and outside the country. Surely, after reading this article, you won’t be puzzled about ‘What to Do in Bangkok’ anymore. We hope the information provided by Admin will help you have a safe and wonderful trip.

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